Begin Again, Alice-Three-Times

The start of a new month, March! Restart and get a new take on things. When I think about the word restart, a character from The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert comes to mind. In the book there a magical land called the Hinterland which is where fairytales live. Before you think they good, happy, gushy fairytales, let me break it to you. They are not.

Alice grows up in our world, the modern world where she ages normally and has a somewhat safe childhood. Although she is always on the run from bad luck which seems to follow her wherever she goes. (Spoiler Alert, don’t keep reading if you don’t want things revealed till you read it) Alice was actually stolen as baby from her fairytale and brought to this world through the Hazel Wood. When she goes back to her story, she lives a terrible life where her mom hates her and everyone is frightened of her. Alice deserves the chance to restart her life once more and begin again.

Going back to her life in our world was a momentous moment that I really liked. She was able to restart and live her life the way she wanted. Even if somethings went a little wrong, Alice is able to decide her future and the way she lives it.

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