What’s UP?

The common phrase, “What’s up?” is often used by most people today. They ask this when they want to know what you are doing, are going to do or even how you are. Do you always reply with the same thing? Well here are some different, amusing replies to this questions.

These are simple but witty ways to reply to this question:

  • Reply with anything above you – ceiling, roof, sky, clouds, plane, etc.
  • Books or Movies that have a theme of being high above – UP (the movie)
  • Say nothing but look upward
  • Something amusing – my blood pressure, my annoyance, my laughter, my joy, etc
  • Or if you really don’t want to respond to them, then ignore them

Think of something different every time and see how people respond, that would interesting. When you really think about the wording, how would you answer the question then? Do you think “What’s down?” could become a thing?