Typical Villians

We have all heard of superheroes and all the amazing work they do to save the day. But what about the villains? All of the labor they put into getting their way is destroyed and their evil dreams are crushed. So one day it would be fun to read a book where the villains get a happy ending. Today we are going to branch out and take a look at what makes a typical villain.

Villain Characteristics

  • Good enough to make the protagonist work hard
  • Bad experiences, they were not born evil they were made evil
  • Has support to do what they what (money, friends)
  • Likable qualities
  • Clever
  • Powerful
  • Appearance matters, they put on a false front

Villain Goals

  • Revenge
  • Has ulterior motives
  • Protect a loved one
  • To stop the good guys
  • Brainwashed
  • Take over the world
  • Be mean to enemies
  • Greed
  • Control everything

No one is born evil, they are made evil. I bet that some villains can change to be a hero or at least work with the heros. *Lightbulb* What if there was a book where the villain is working for a good cause and the hero has horrid causes? If you know a book that has a different take on things, please feel free to recommend it to me.

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