Uncompromising Three Queens

The Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake is a novel about uncompromising three sisters, which one of them is destined to be queen. Many challenges stand in their way and they do their best to fight through them. Today, I made some observations on what skills the three sisters have and are willing to use, as well as who I think will win. Who do you think will win?

Queen Katharine’s Victory?

Out of the three queens, I am rooting for Katharine to win the throne and to rule the island of Fennbirn. Throughout her life, Katharine has worked hard and endured much to get to be who she is now. She is a sweet girl who seems to be untainted from being around mean influences. Staying with the Arron family at Greavesdrake Manor must have been hard for Katharine. They are excellent poisoners and can be quite ruthless in their ways. Katharine lived with them for about half of her life and was trained to be a poisoner. While she may not show great promise at ingesting the poisons, Katharine has always been good at making them. Working with her specialty has been an uphill battle for her, sometimes falling back down but Katharine always gets right back up. She has worked hard and deserves to win from what she has endured. Being a poisoner has given Katharine a reputation that she doesn’t exactly fit. They are often seen as cruel, dangerous and sneaky which I guess could describe the Arron family. Although Katharine is different, she is good-natured and loveable. With help from the Arrons, she has the support of the Black Council who are the leaders who assist the queen after winning. She has the potential to prevail and win the throne, which I hope she does. Katharine is my favorite queen out of the three sisters.

Queen Arsinoe Gaining the Throne?

Known to all the people of Fennbirn, Arsinoe is the second oldest queen but has not developed a naturalist gift yet. She is the most not likely to win. Not likely that she will either since we discovered that she is really a poisoner. This could be a big advantage for her in the future, maybe she can use this hidden power when Katherine tries harder. Arsinoe also has powerful friends, Julienne Milone one of her best friends has a cougar as a familiar. She has the Legions Curse which is a war gift. Jules would do anything for Arsinoe, so she is well protected and supported. Arsinoe uses low magic which helps a little bit but if she gets caught using it, well that could be troublesome for her.

Queen Mirabella Triumphs?

Mirabella is the oldest and tallest sister. While Arsinoe calls her regal and too queen like, Mirabella is kind and cares about her people and friends. She was born an elementalist and was raised by the Westwood family in the city of Rolanth. Considered the strongest of the three queens, the temple, and the high priestess gave their support to her. Mirabella has all the priestesses protecting her and working for her. This is a bit unfair to the other queens since the temple is not supposed to show support to anyone. With Arsinoe with no naturalist skills and Katharine being a weak poisoner, Mirabella has the most power and has worked her entire life on improving her skills. She is one of the most powerful elementalist queens. Almost all of the people think that she will win the Ascension Year, which is when the queens are allowed to go after each other. Mirabella has the strength and capability to kill another queen if they were close to her vicinity. One of Mirabella’s weaknesses are that she cares too much for her sisters. Mirabella dreams of the days when they were a family and played together at the Black Cottage. She won’t be able to hurt them and that might not be good for protecting herself and her chances for the throne.